Futaba 18SZ 2.4G inc R7008SB Rec Mode 1
18SZ 2.4G inc R7008SB Rec Mode 1
Ares Optim 300 CP
Ares Optim 300 CP

Great Planes Big Stik 40

Great Planes Big Stik 40

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After only 12-15 hours in the workshop, you emerge with a model equal to any expertly built kit. That's one advantage of Great Planes' almost ready-to-fly Big Stiks - their huge leap forward in prebuilt quality. Great Planes also returns to the original Big Stik plans, rather than copying one of the numerous remakes that crowded airfields over the years. The result? ARFs that unite a pure, proven design with the best modern model-making technology.

  • Over 90% factory-built, with exceptional quality wood construction and preapplied MonoKote covering.

  • Large wing and high wing mounting increase stability - fully symmetrical airfoil and enlarged control surface area provide tremendous potential for aerobatics.

  • Easy low-speed handling characteristics permit leisurely landings on the included, heavy-duty aluminum landing gear.

  • Includes premium-quality, Great Planes brand hardware - control horns, clevises, wheels, wheel collars and more.

  • Step-by-step, photo-illustrated assembly instructions double as an exceptionally thorough reference for future maintenance and repairs.

Big Stik Parts Layout
Big Stik ARFs go together so easily, you won't be afraid to fly them - only 12-15 hours are required for assembly. The superior construction quality, featuring high-quality woods and MonoKote film, provides the strength to handle aggressive aerobatics.
Great Planes constructs these ARFs just like a skilled builder would do it himself. There's no plastic. The strong, interlocking wood framework arrives precovered with MonoKote film, in the popular traditional trim scheme with Maltese Cross.
Big Stik Trim Scheme
Big Stik Dual Aileron Servos
These ARFs' enlarged control surfaces improve their ability to handle 3D aerobatics. Dual aileron servos add precision and authority to aileron response for crisp maneuvers - and also provide the safety of a backup in case one servo fails.
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