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Adverrun XS Contra Drive System 85mm

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Adverrun XS Contra Drive

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This product has an 85mm spinner and the new helical gears.

Now included is a Spare Belt and 8mm Main Shaft.

Adverrun is an F3A Contra drive system developed to minimize the torque effects induced by the rotating propeller. Forces which affect the flight path of the plane are reduced in order to focus the pilots attention on performing the maneuvers. Adverrun uses a combined Belt/Gear reduction system to drive two Propellers rotating in opposite directions. It has specifically been designed for F3A use.

The new Adverun XS weight has been significantly reduced compared to the 2016 model. It continues to be largly maintenance free.

Adverrun is offered in combination with the Kontronik Pyro 650 motor. It ships pre-assembled including motor and spinner and comes with screws and rubber mounts. All alloy parts are anodized in Kontronik red. To match your planes nose ring size you can choose from either an 82mm or 85mm spinner.


  • Delrin gear and belt drive requires minimal maintenance.
  • Front mount and rear mount. Adverrun is mounted with supplied rubber isolators.
  • Rear mount allows for side thrust adjustment with slotted holes. We use 0° side thrust.
  • Motor shaft is supported by front bearing. No extra support is needed for the motor.

Technical Data:

Adverrun has been desgined for 10s Lipo packs. We have tested the most common propeller combinations.

  • Front: 22″ x 20″ / Rear: 22″ x 22″ (recommended)
  • Front: 22″ x 20″ / Rear: 22″ x 20″
  • Front: 20″ x20″ / Rear: 20.5″ x 20.5″
  • Front: 22″ x 18″ / Rear: 22″ x 20″ (can be used – but we found it a bit too slow)
  • Front: 23″ x 20″ / Rear: 23″ x 22″ (can be used – but current consumption is quite high)

These combinations will result in maximum currents of 90-120A on the ground providing more power than needed in a typical F3A flight.

Weight has always been a concern in F3A and one of the reasons for the three year Adverrun development phase. Weight very much depends on the motor used. It is common to state weight of contra drives without accessories. We list weight without accessories for comparison with other drives, but also including spinner and accessories (i.e. screws and rubber isolator mounts). Compared to other drives, Adverrun also limits the need for using additional carbon mounting plates to fit the drive in your plane.

  • Adverrun weight: 510g – 570g


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