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OS 12 CV-R

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OS 12 CV-R

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This is the OS Max .12CV-R Car/Buggy Engine with #10E Rotary Carburetor.
It has the same mounting and muffler dimensions as the regular .12CV.
The manufacturer has changed the warranty coverage on this engine.
It is now covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
This is an entirely new engine and its parts are uniquely designed for it.
Nothing is interchangeable between the CV and CV-R Engines.

FEATURES: True ABC construction, aluminum piston with chrome plated cylinder
Three larger cylinder intake ports instead of two smaller intake
ports add 40% to 45% increased port volume over the original CVs.
The third port points directly at the exhaust port, making exhaust
scavenging more efficient. More air/fuel mixture with more
efficient flow equals more horsepower.
Crankshaft is 1mm larger in diameter, increased from 9 to 10mm. This
allows for a larger crank port feed and smoother mixture flow.
Bearings-to-crankshaft fit is tighter, increasing vacuum, crankcase
pressure, and reduced oil discharge from the front bearing.
Front and rear ball bearings are thicker and have larger balls inside
that are better able to handle the increased loads.
Connecting rod is machined aluminum instead of original CVs’ cast-
aluminum rod, and it has larger ends with bronze bushings in both.
Wrist pin is held in by C-clips instead of nylon buttons for reduced
Side exhaust
Rotary #10E 2-needle carburettor
Blue/Silver horizontal 9-fin cylinder head

INCLUDES: One Assembled .12CV-R Engine with #10E Rotary Carb.
One Super 102 Air Cleaner with 3 Blue Foam Elements
Four 3x15mm Phillips-Head Round Head Screws
One Set of Instructions w/Parts List and Decal Sheet
One #8 Glow Plug (OSMG2691)

REQUIRES: Muffler (exhaust system) depending on vehicle
Starting equipment
Fuel: 5% – 20% Nitromethane content
Most of the fuels we carry meet or exceed the lubricant content
required for optimum performance and maximum engine life. In the
past, the conventional lubricant content used in fuel was 18%. But
with new advanced technologies, fuels like Red Alert and O’Donnell
for example, have a better quality of lubricants even though the
percentages of lubricant content are lower. These high-tech
lubricants provide exceptional cooling and protection.

SPECS: Displacement: 0.129 cu in (2.11cc)
Weight: 7.05 oz (200g)
Bore: 0.55″ (14.0mm)
Stroke: 0.54″ (13.7mm)
Power Output: 1.0 bhp / 31,000 RPM
Practical RPM: 4,000 – 36,000
Crankshaft Thread: 5mm
On-Center Mounting Holes, Front to Rear: 11mm
On-Center Mounting Holes, Side to Side: 31.4mm
On-Center Exhaust Mounting Holes: 27.5mm
Back of engine to front of drive washer: 2.23″ (56mm)
Height: 3.25″ (83.7mm)
At idle, barrel opening: 1mm
High speed needle: 2 turns counter-clockwise OUT from closed position
Low speed needle: Screw IN until flush with outside of carb body,
then screw it IN a further 2-1/2 turns.


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