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Alclad Duraluminium 1oz ALC-102

Alclad II Lacquer



Duraluminium- Regular Alclad Alclad II Lacquer has quickly become the preferred choice of many modellers for Natural Metal Finishes. The quality of Alclad II has led to its diverse use including achitectural models, custom built motorcycles, Hollywood special effects, angling accessories. For use on injection plastic kits a primer is necessary. Regular Alclad is similar in strength to lacquer/cellulose car paints-injected polystyrene plastics frequently have areas which Alclad can craze. High-Shine Alclad finishes require a glossy base coat. Apply one of these primers before using Regular Alclad: – Alclad ALC-302 Grey Primer – Alclad ALC-306 White Primer & Microfiller – Alclad ALC-309 Black Primer & Microfiller – Tamiya or Gunze Sangyo plastic primers – Auto Primer-white or grey Plastic primers and auto primers should be lightly polished with 1000/1200 wet & dry paper to give a less absorbent smooth surface . Preparation and Spraying The surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly clean and free from dust,grease,oil and finger marks. Apply the correct primer for the type of Alclad being used. Alclad should be sprayed at 12-15PSI. Spray from a distance of 2-3 inches from the surface being painted using a narrow to medium width spray fan. Use the airbrush like a paint brush-aim to cover the model in a methodical manner. Buffing is not necessary-tonal variation can be made by polishing selected panels with Micromesh. Regular Alclad can be masked over and painted. Decal solutions can be used with Regular Alclad, but are not recommended for High Shine Alclad. Application Guide Lexan/Polycarbonate Car Body Shells The surface must be thoroughly cleaned-remove release agent, adhesive residue and finger marks. Regular Alclad- Apply 2-3 light coats back with any R/C paint. High Shine Alclad- Apply 2-3 light coats back with black or silver. Prismatic/Holomatic- Apply 2-3 light coats of Prismatic or Holomatic Spectral Chrome to the inside of a clean body shell. Allow to dry thoroughly then back with black or silver Water Based Paint.

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