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Atlantis Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Oyster Boat 1/502 Model Sailing Ship Kit #P1160


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1/60 Skipjack Oyster Boat Carrie


Available on backorder


The Skipjack is a small sailing sloop used to dredge for oysters in the coastal bay areas. The Skipjack has a center board that is lowered when in deep waters to stabilize the boat while under full sail. With the center board raised the vessel can operate in shallow waters. Measures 12 inches long and features 55 parts molded in white with tan rigging thread included. Display stand and instructions.

Your model of the Skipjack Carrie Price is an exact replica of a small sailing vessel used along the Chesapeake Bay Area to dredge for oysters. She had a center board which was lowered in deep water to stabilize the but to stabilize the boat while under full sail. With the center board raised, of course, the Skipjack could work in very shallow water. Until 1942 sail was the only power permitted for oyster dredging, after 1942 the state passed a law permitting power boats to be used. Since then, almost all of the old Skipjacks have had their main mask cut down and been converted over to power. In the last few years quite a few yachtsmen have had their smaller Skipjacks built to order and they are growing more popular every year as pleasure boats. There isn’t a prettier picture than a Skipjack on the water when the Bay is quiet at sunset.

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