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Jungle Jim Funny Car 1/16


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1/16 Scale. This kit measures over 11 inches long. Highly detailed with over 100 plus parts. Parts come molded in blue, gray, chrome and clear. Also includes tubing and wiring and newly tooled real rubber tires. Big Box and a Big Kit with plenty of detail. Instruction booklet. Officially licensed with the Jungle Jim estate. Ages 14 and up Skill level 3. Original decals included.

Jim Liberman’s “Jungle Jim” Vega Funny Car The name Jungle Jim is synonymous with Drag Racing for he was without doubt one of the sport’s true superstars. Jungle Jim never failed to please his fans, wherever he went to race, he realized that keeping the fans happy would keep him on top.The 500 cubic inch ‘Hemi Elephant’ motor in jungle Jim’s Vega provided a noise and flame show that virtually became a trademark. The huge Nitro-burning power plant, together with Liberman’s expert driving, allowed the Vega to produce super smokey burn outs and thrust it through the 1320 (1/4 mile drag strip) at lightning fast speeds in record elapsed times. Jungle began his racing career in the San Jose, California area in the early 1960’s competing in the gas coupe class. Eventually he teamed with Lew Arrington to begin the long line of ‘Brutus’ funny cars. Their first was an altered wheelbase Pontiac GTO that was a record breaker from the start. Several other versions of ‘Brutus’ funny cars followed. After campaigning several successful drag cars, the team split. Lew Arrington continued with the ‘Brutus’ cars and young Russell James Lieberman became known as Jungle Jim. His first funny car was a Chevy Nova-bodied creation with a ‘Rat’ motor for power. The car, on its first outings, easily attained the then top speed for funny cars of just under 200 miles per hour. As funny cars became more exotic, Jungle’s cars were often trend setters. One of the most outstanding was the Hemi powered Vega in this box. Jim Liberman has contributed a great deal toward making Drag Racing the popular spectator sport that it is today. It was his ability to set trends, make wild smokey burn-outs, backup after a burn-out at 60 miles per hour, and win races that made the Jungle Jim Vega funny car and Jim himself, the most sought-after act in drag racing.

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