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Billing Boats USS Constitution Wooden Ship Kit

Manufacturer: Billing Boats
Model: B508 USS Constitution Wooden Ship Kit
Scale: 1/100
Skill Level: Expert



The Billing Boats USS Constitution Wooden Ship Kit in 1/100 scale from the wooden ship models range measures 91cm long, 67cm high and 27cm wide.

The USS Constitution is the oldest floating commissioned naval vessel, originally launched in 1797 Constitution was one of the original 6 heavy frigates authorized for construction by the Naval Act of 1794.

Designed by Joshua Humphreys to act as the capital ships of the fledgling US navy these 6 frigates were more heavily armed and larger than standard frigates of this time and saw active service in many armed conflicts, circled the globe in the 1840’s and preformed other duties including acting as a training ship until she was retired from active service in 1881.

Between her retirement and today she has served as a barracks ship, a museum ship and has been on a tour of the US, in the 90’s she was fully restored and finally set sail again under her own power to mark her 200th birthday, since then she has continued to serve as an ambassador for the US Navy.

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