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Hobby 2000 48014 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IA Trop


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 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IA Trop


Available on backorder


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Manufacturer Hobby 2000
code of product HBD48014
Weight: 0.29 kg
Ean: 5903002058145
Scale 1:48
Added to catalog: 22.6.2022
Tags: Hawker-Hurricane
The Hawker Hurricane is a British World War II single-engine fighter aircraft with metal construction and canvas elements. Operating on all fronts during World War II, the Hawker Hurricane earned its name as one of the best and most widely used aircraft of its era, both as a fighter and attack aircraft. However, undoubtedly the most significant card in the history of this machine was its contribution to the British victory in the Battle of Britain in 1940. The aircraft, built by Sydney Camm for the Ministry of Defense, was to become the main force of the British air fleet. The prototype aircraft, powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin Mk.II engine, first flew on November 6, 1935, piloted by Georg Buhlmann. The tests went well and a decision was quickly made to order 600 vehicles, the first of which entered service with 111 Squadron RAF in December 1937. When Britain declared war on Nazi Germany on 3 September 1939, the RAF had 19 battle-ready Hurricane squadrons, which began their military careers with operations in France and Norway. During the war, several modifications of this very successful aircraft were created. The first production version was the Mk.I with the Merlin III engine. Since 1940, units began to receive Mk.II versions with a new Merlin XX engine with a power of 1280 hp. It was this version, as the first version of the Hurricane, that primarily performed assault and support tasks on the battlefield. His best option was the Hurricane Mk.IID, which used mines. in the North African campaign of 1942. The third version is the Hurricane Mk.IV with a new Merlin 24/27 engine with 1620 hp. It served as an assault vehicle armed with bombs, rockets and Vickers S guns until 1944. A naval version was also produced (Sea Hurricane), which served on aircraft carriers and on specially adapted merchant ships (Sea Hurricane Mk.IA). Technical data (Mk.IIC version): length: 9.84 m, wingspan: 12.19 m, height: 4 m, maximum speed: 547 km/h, rate of climb: 14.1 m/s, maximum range: 965 km, maximum ceiling: 10,970 m. Armament: stationary – 4 20-mm Hispano Mk.II cannons, suspended – up to 460 kg of bombs.
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