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Hobby 2000 72050 Arado Ar 234 C-3 w/ Bombentorpedo Initial Production


1 in stock (can be backordered)

Arado Ar 234 C-3 w/ Bombentorpedo Initial Production


1 in stock (can be backordered)


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Manufacturer Hobby 2000
Product code HBD72050
Weight: 0.22 kg
Ean: 5903002057506
Scale 1:72
Added to catalog on: 9.13.2021
Tags: Arado-Ar-234
Arado Ar 234 “Blitz” (German: lightning) is a German twin-engine reconnaissance bomber with turbojet drive. One of the most pioneering aviation structures of the end of World War II. At the beginning of the war, the Luftwaffe did not give priority to the creation of jet machines, this changed in 1941 when Erhard Milch became its Inspector General. The first prototypes in the reconnaissance version (Ar 234 V-1) were flown in the summer of 1943, and in the bomber version (Ar 234 V-9) in March 1944. Mass production started in the same year, and by the end of the war, 238 units were produced. The drive of the serial versions was the Jumo 004 B-1 engine. Several versions of the aircraft were produced, including the B-2 / N version was equipped with a radar and used to locate and intercept Allied bombers during night raids. The Ar-234 aircraft was one of the most technologically advanced Luftwaffe machines at the end of the war. The Jumo 004 B-1 engines and the great RF2C periscope sights deserve special attention. Thanks to its fantastic performance and considerable maneuverability, the AR 234 was extremely difficult to knock down for all Allied machines. After 1945, the captured single copies were subjected to intensive testing by all the victorious powers. At the same time, the Ar 234 “surpassed” the Luftwaffe command, which was not able to fully discount its value and combat advantages. Technical data: Top speed: 740 km / h; rate of climb: 12.7 m / s, maximum ceiling 10,000 m, maximum range: 800 km, armament: fixed – 2 MG151 / 20 20mm cannons, suspended – up to 1400 kg of bombs.
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