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Kinetic 48024 Grumman S-2F S-2E S-2G Tracker


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Grumman S-2F S-2E S-2G Tracker

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Manufacturer Kinetic
Product code KIN48024
Weight: 0.63 kg
Ean: 9588838160338
Scale 1:48

The Grumman S-2 Tracker was an American naval patrol and ZOP (anti-submarine) aircraft from the post-war period in the high-wing configuration. The flight of the prototype took place in 1952, and the plane entered service two years later (1954). About 1,280 machines of this type were produced in the course of serial production, including license production. The drive was provided by two motors Wright R-1820-82A, 1,525hp each The length of the aircraft was 13.26 meters with a wingspan of 22.1 meters. The machine did not have permanent on-board armament, but could load depth charges and torpedoes weighing up to 2,200 kilograms. The S-2 Tracker aircraft was developed by Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, originally for the US Navy. The new plane was to replace the AF-2 Guardian planes, manufactured by the same manufacturer. Compared to the AF-2, the new aircraft was much more autonomous in carrying out missions, and above all, it could be carried out alone, not in pairs – like the AF-2. Ultimately, the Grumman S-2 Tracker turned out to be a successful design, fulfilling its tasks. In the course of production, many development versions were created, including: S2F-1T (training version), S2F-2P (photo reconnaissance version) or US-2F (transport version). Aircraft of this type were exported to many countries, such as: Argentina, Brazil and South Korea. The aircraft was also licensed in Canada.

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