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Molotow Liquid Chrome Twin 1.5mm Tip and 4mm Tip


4 in stock (can be backordered)



4 in stock (can be backordered)



The one and only liquid chrome is now available in the handy twin marker with a 1.5 mm and a 4 mm tip and is standardly equipped with a fitting refill extension. 

There‘s already a big hype about these markers. The highly pigmented special ink creates a real mirror effect on smooth and non-absorbant surfaces, which leads to high enthusiasm. 

• Alcohol-based
• Highly pigmented special ink
• High-gloss liquid chrome – for a real mirror effect*
• Highly opaque
• Permanent
• Good UV resistance
• Limited scratch- and abrasion-proof
• For nearly all surfaces
• For indoor and outdoor use
• 1.5 mm and 4 mm tip (one on each end of marker)
• Marker supplied with Refill Extension for easy refilling
• Patented capillary system, patent no. DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04
• Consistent paint flow due to VARI-VALVE™
• Refillable
• Exchangeable tips**
• Made in Germany 

IMPORTANT! For a flawless function, adhere to the following order:
1: Shake well (mixing of pigments)
2: Pump 

* Finishing with a clear varnish might reduce the mirror effect
** The easy tip exchange and numerous exchange tips enable an endless flexibility. To avoid a possible reduction of the chrome effect, it is recommended to change the tip of the used marker after one year as a precautionary measure. Generally a previous check of the colour on the chosen surface at a discreet
  • place is advisable.
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