Scalextric C1431S Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Slot Car Set


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Back to the Future VS Knight Rider

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Scalextric C1431S Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Slot Car Set AU Plug

Two of the most iconic film cars ever go head-to-head in this brand-new set from Scalextric! Will you be Michael Knight in K.T.T.? Or Doc or Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Time Machine? Whether you are doing 88MPH or chasing down bad guys, red LED lights flashing on either car is a guaranteed winner on the big screen, small screen or Scalextric track! This set contains everything you need to race Scalextric, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a crossover, side swipe and 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers.

K.I.T.T comes to life with iconic pulsing red strobe light on the front of the car. Great Scott!…The Time Machine has working front and rear lights including working flux capacitor. Wait until the sun has set and race head to head in the pitch black.

Patented Magatraction system helps the car to stay on the track. Powerful magnets in the chassis provides extra traction and downforce. Reduces the amount of skidding and crashing!

Take the opportunity to knock or opponent off the track or try to avoid a side on collision at the side swipe.

Dual lane crossover with yellow chevrons. Dodge the ‘danger zone’ to avoid full impact or take the opportunity to knock you opponent off the track.

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