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Takom 5010 1/72 Japanese Battleship Yamato Type 94 46cm Gun Main Turret


Available on backorder




Available on backorder


This turret, as seen on the legendary battleship Yamato, is equipped with three guns with a barrel length of 2.07 meters, an inner diameter of 46cm and a weight of about 165 tons! The firing speed was approximately one shot every 40 seconds, and its maximum range is said to be about 42,000 meters — the longest of any World War II-era battleship. It used 91st armor-piercing shells and 1st armor-piercing shells for anti-ship warfare, and the 0-type normal shell and the 3rd-class normal shell for anti-aircraft purposes. The weight per turret was about 2,500 tons, and each featured a hydraulic drive system.