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Xtrakit XK72018 Saunders-Roe SRA-1


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Xtrakit 1/72


Available on backorder


Description:Saunders-Roe SRA-1 the worlds first jet powered flying boat with decals for 3 ‘What-if?’ Korean War era paint schemes.
US Navy 12011 VF-11 Red Rippers
Royal Australian Navy WH 511
British Fleet Air Arm WZ270, 201E
Includes paint masks by Art-Scale for the wheels, canopy and the USN fuselage ‘arrow’ markings.
Includes cockpit instruments 3D printed by Kits-World.
Three construction options;
1, The inside of the fuselage is marked so you can saw the lower section off to make a water-line version.
2, It can be made with floats up and no wheels or under-carriage legs attached so in flying configuration.
3, Regular taxiing version with wheels attached and floats down.
The rear of the box can be used to display the model on a water base.
Beautifully moulded by Sword Model. Decals by Techmod. Limited Availability.

Manufacturer:XtrakitCode Number:XK72018Scale:1:72

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