Barracuda Cast P-51D Mustang Paper Droptanks

BR32016 P-51D Mustang Paper Droptanks



Super-detailed, seamless nose and tailcones for Tamiya’s 108 gallon drop tanks capture the rough, scalloped look of the paper mache. The paper drop tanks in the Tamiya Mustang kit are accurate in shape and size, but they do not capture the “look” of the end caps on the real tanks. The real tanks are made of compressed, impregnated paper. The nose and tail caps were laid up with paper mache style strips and have a slight ribbed effect with a rough surface texture. Tamiya’s kit parts are smooth with even spaced radial lines scribed around them. While designed specifically for the Tamiya kit, the Barracuda Studios parts can be used with the Dragon 1/32 P-51D.


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