FMS 1500MM Cessna 182 PNP RED FMS148PRD


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FMS 1500mm Cessna 182


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An Essential, Classic, and Realistic Beginner Plane

The Cessna 182 is a popular small single-engine propeller aircraft that first appeared in 1956. It plays a crucial role in general aviation and is widely used in various fields such as private flying, flight training, business cruising, aerial photography, aerial patrols, geographic surveyance, and emergency medical rescue. Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc., the FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 adheres to the long-standing product philosophy of “Scale appearance, excellent performance,” faithfully reproducing the appearance of the real aircraft and replicating its reliability, versatility, flexibility, and ease of operation. Whether you’re a beginner pilot eager to progress or an enthusiast seeking recreational flying, the FMS Cessna 182 is undoubtedly a must-have choice.

What’s In The Box:
• 1500mm Cessna 182 PNP
• 3541-KV840 Motor (installed)
• 40A ESC with Reverse Thrust Function (installed)
• 7x 9g Plastic Digital Servo (installed)

1500mm /59 in

Overall Length:
1250mm /49.2 in

Wing Load:
60 g/dm² ( 0.12oz/in²)

Wing Area:
33.3 dm² ( 515.7 sq.in)

Flying Weight:
Around 2000g

Center of Gravity:

Prop Size:
11×6 (3-blade) propeller

Approx. Flying Duration:
6 minutes



# float set available seperately soon. 

Needed To Complete:
• 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
• 4S 2200mAh-3200mAh 25c XT60 LiPo Battery
• LiPo Battery Charger

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