Front mount conversion kit for the Himax 210 Pro Motor HC6330-5

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This is a new device that allows for the mounting of the motor on the front eliminating the need for a rear firewall. Now you get the ease of a front mount install versus the difficulty of a firewall rear mount.

It replaces the shaft on the stock motor.
The shaft is really neat as the distance from the motor to the back thrust washer is adjustable making the install and subsequent changes a lot easier.
Now you get the best of both worlds.
This conversion kit only adds 5 grams to the total weight less the bearing on the back of the shaft which is optional.
The Himax 210Pro motor is very powerful with the new lighter weight 20 magnet design. It’s combination of power, low weight and reliability make it perfect for your 2 meter pattern plane as well as any E. conversion 15 pounds (7500kg) or less.
Instructions below are included with every order.
1. Remove the shaft retaining bolt from shaft. Caution, it is a left hand screw. Turn clockwise to loosen it, 2. Remove the four screws on the drive washer and remove the drive washer, 3. Remove the four screws on the shaft and pull the shaft out, 4. Drop in the new shaft and attach it to the rotor with four screws (Note: Re installing the old drive washer on the rotor is not necessary), 5. Turn the motor to the stationary end, slip in a brass ring, then install the snap ring to hold the brass ring in place. A spare snap ring and brass ring are included in the shaft kit, 6. Install the nuts and washers in the sequence as shown on the drawing, 7. Adjust the drive washer to match your installation needs and tighten the lock nut to fix it position. 8. The 8mm shaft extends beyond the rear of the rotor to allow the modeler to add rotor supports if necessary.

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