Front Mounting Hardware kit for Himax 6330 210 Outrunner motor

F3A mount



This system is designed to allow an easy solution for front mounting a Himax motor thus eliminating the arduous and painstaking task of making a firewall.
Now you can have your cake and eat it too. The Himax 210 Pro is simply put a formidable motor that couples power, light weight, reliability, efficiency and affordability.
It has power to spare on any plane flying any schedule of maneuvers.
Check out the pictures on this listing to get an idea on how this system works.
The mount includes the following
front plate in anodized red aluminum 1.6mm x 59mm x 53mm and weighs 10 grams
Rear Carbon fiber support size 1.75mm x 52mm x 140mm
Plus 4 4mm x 10mm bolts and 4 4/40 screws and nuts to secure the front plate to the nose ring.
Does not include the actual front mount conversion pictured. That is part # HC6330-5 and works in conjunction with this mount.

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