Mamo Models VPP variable pitch 8″ prop

for axi 2203/40VPP mamo-models Upsidedown



Installing the reverse gear in your model is quite straightforward with the: UPSIDE DOWN VPP

First Variable Pitch-Prop for Slow / park flyer with outside linkages, developed by Martin Müller, the multiple indoor aerobatics German champion. Easy mounting on the motor shaft, no hollow shaft principle.

Many hollow type propellers have the energy loss disadvantage due to the articulation. Which lead to motor/esc-BEC overload.

The “Upside Down” VPP circumvents all these problems with its rear connection with integrated servo saver. The 5 ball bearings system can be easily attached to any motor shaft with the right diameter. Expensive special motors with hollow shaft or hollow shaft conversion of existing motors is no longer required. The blades are rigidly mounted to the optimized pivot point, to reduce the control forces to a minimum. A 5 g is sufficient to drive the unit.

The efficiency optimized blades are available in 8-inch and 9-inch (special blade design allows the same thrust values ​​in both directions while achieving a current reduction in forward flight). The system is disassembled by a screw, allowing an easy conversion to normal prop configuration.

This setup is ideal for standard 3D planes up to about 220 g.

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