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Meng TS-046 1/35 German Medium Tank Sd Kfz 171 Panther Ausf A Early


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Meng 1/35


1 in stock (can be backordered)


The German medium tank masterpiece deployed in World War II.
Approximately 2,200 Panther A tanks were built from September 1943 to July 1944. The changes from the D type were the replacement of the transmission and a newly designed turret, which made it possible to strengthen the armor and change the turret rotation speed. In addition, the commander’s cupola, which was unpopular with tank crews due to its poor visibility, was replaced with a periscope.

Perfectly represents Exterior details
Includes multiple optional parts with various assembly options covering the complete changes from Ausf.D to Ausf.A versions.
Includes 4 Paint schemes
Includes Track ice cleats, Fine PE parts, Metal cables and Metal Skirts.
Optional built with SPS-077 Panther Ausf.A Early Production Zimmerit Decal and SPS-057 Panther Early Production tracks and Movable running gear parts.
However, the battlefield performance of the highly anticipated Panther Ausf.D was not always satisfactory. Continuous improvement accompanied the Panther’s whole life cycle. The Panther Ausf.A has been known by most people as a sign of the maturity of the Pather series tanks. The early version of the Panther Ausf.A kept some features from the Panther Ausf.D.

Like the real vehicle, the hull of this model has kept most features from the Panther Ausf.D, but has cancelled the rear hull snorkels. Both drive sprocket and turret have two options. This kit can fully demonstrate the unique features on the Panther Ausf.A Early tank.

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