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Revell 03851 1/32 Hawker Tempest V


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Revell 1/32 Tempest


Available on backorder


Hawker Tempest V
The Hawker Tempest made Axis engineers’ hair stand on end during World War II.

With around 800 built models, the MK V of the Tempest series established itself as the most powerful fighter and fighter-bomber of the allied powers from 1944. As one of the fastest fighter planes of the Second World War, the propeller-driven Tempest V was able to hold its own against the German jet fighter Me262.

She became famous as the “V1 hunter”. With a top speed of 696 km / h, this fighter was able to chase and shoot down cruise missiles before they could cause damage.

1:32 scale
212 parts in total
9 molding frame
Level 5 difficulty (age recommendation 13+)
Illustrated, multilingual building instructions

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