Alley Cat Gloster Meteor NF.11/12 Decal

Decals for military aircraft



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Decals for military aircraft
World War II – 1939-1945
United Kingdom
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Decals Gloster Meteor NF.11/12 (8) NF.11 Modified WM374 6 Joint Services Trials Unit, RAF Woomera 1955-57; NF.11 Hybrid WS790; WD790 Raspberry Ripple both Royal Radar Establishment; Meteor NF.12 WS685/D or WS665/L 153 Sqn RAF West Malling; WS665/L 25 Sqn RAF Waterbeach; WS523/Q 72 Sqn RAF Church Fenton; WS605/D 64 Sqn RAF Duxford; WS593/X 85 Sqn RAF Church Fenton.


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Scale : 1:48
The 1:48 scale is the queen size scale for model planes. Military models are also available in this scale. A model that is 1:48 scale is 48 times smaller than the real object. For example, a model airplane in the 1:48 scale measures 13 inches / 31.25 cm long if the real object is 15 m (1500 cm).

Accessories : Decals for military aircraft
The decals are decorations that can be applied to your model airplane. To put them on the model, simply soak the decal in clear water and drag with your finger on the decal directly onto the model. We advise you to apply the decal a layer of Humbrol DECAL FIX (ref HUC6133).

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