Arrows Hobby 1300mm Bigfoot RTF w/ Vector RC Aircraft


Available on backorder


Arrows Hobby 1300mm Bigfoot RTF w/ Vector RC Aircraft


Available on backorder


As a do-it-all multi purpose aircraft, the Arrows RC Bigfoot has amazing features found on a whole multitude of aircraft. In terms of flight characteristics, the Bigfoot is trainer-like and easy to handle. It also has bush plane genes, with over-sized flaps that give unbelievable low and slow performance (takes off within 3 meters and flies on 1/3 throttle) and giant tundra tires for all-terrain performance!

If you are a fan of scale, you’ll love the landing, navigation, and strobe lights along with the eye catching red trim scheme.

Designed to be easily assembled, the Bigfoot features a completely screw-together design, taking mere minutes to assemble for experienced pilots.

The Vector System is equipped with three flight modes: Stability (returns the aircraft to level flight), Dynamic (counteracts movement not initiated by the pilot such as wind gusts), and Direct (no electronic intervention). This system is compatible with any PPM or PWM receiver.

Wingspan 1300mm (51.1in)
Length 1060mm (41.7in)
CG (Center of Gravity) 60-70mm from leading edge
Power System 3536-850kV
Electronic Speed Control 40A
Propeller / EDF 11 x 7 2-blade
Servos 9 gram servo x 6
Landing Gear Fixed
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Hinge Type Foam
Material EPO foam
Skill Level Beginner
Build Time 10-20 minutes
Recommended Environment Park, soccer field, AMA field
Gyro Vector

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