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Hitec PN55702 Metal Horn

Hitec Servo Metal Horn



This metal horn is for HS-5735MG or HS-5745MG servo; also suitable for other Hitec standard servos like HS-311 to HS-5955MG; and HS-7965MG, HS-7985MG, HS-7966HB, HS-7955TG, HS-5665MH, HS-5685MH, HS-7940TH, HS-7945TH, HS-7950TH, HS-7954SH, HS-7980TH, HS-M7990TH etc. and even for HS82MG, HS85MG, HS5085MG, HS225MG, HS5245MG.

Hitec 2.12″ (53.9mm) metal horn, blue (Q-MI) x 1pc

Arm has M3 holes Distance from centre to holes is – 12mm, 20mm and 24mm