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RealFlight Evolution Flight Simulator Software Only, RFL2001


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The world’s most popular RC flight sim has evolved, literally, with RealFlight Evolution. With an updated and modern interface, 100 additional aircraft models and the addition of dozens of fields this is the simulator to have. Plus you can also access new models and fields on a quarterly basis as they are released.


1 in stock



New RealFlight Evolution Features

  • Intuitive and easier to use with a fresh modern interface that utilises the InterLink DX controller to virtually eliminate the need to use a keyboard or mouse
  • Over a dozen new and popular Sport, Scale, Ultra Micro, Trainer and EDF aircraft from Hangar 9, E-flite and Hobbyzone plus several Blade helicopters as well
  • The main flying site from Triple Tree Aerodrome is the newest PhotoField you can fly at which is home to the world famous ‘Joe Nall’ flying event
  • Gain access to dozens of PhotoFields and 3D fields plus 100 additional aircraft that were only available previously by purchasing individual Expansion Packs
  • Quarterly release of new fields and models starts in early 2023 where you can purchase off the menu in money saving content packs, or, get an annual season pass
  • For new pilots learning to fly there are additional Virtual Flight Instructor lessons using the HobbyZone AeroScout 1.1m

Additional RealFlight Features

  • Every flight is made more lifelike with industry leading True-To-Life physics giving more realism than any other sim
  • Zero hassle, zero learning curve and more fun with the simple and intuitive interface
  • Over 300 airplanes, drones, helicopters and more that you can fly
  • More than 75 different fields to fly including PhotoFields and 3D fields
  • Make your own flying fields with FlexiField Site Editor
  • Import custom aircraft or edit existing ones
  • Increased fun and interaction with game like challenges
  • Compete and fly with other pilots online with multiplayer options
  • Purchase your own VR headset as RealFlight Evolution is compatible with Meta Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other VR equipment
  • Compatible with DSM2/DSMX equipped transmitters via Spektrum wireless simulator dongles which are sold separately
  • Compatability via direct USB connect with Spektrum NX6, NX8, NX10 transmitters (sold seperately)
  • Join the sim community on RealFlight Forums – forums.realflight.com for access to model Swap Pages, additional support, information and tips

Product Information

RealFlight has been the #1 RC Flight Simulator in the world for over two decades now! If you are learning how to fly an RC aircraft it can’t be beaten as a learning tool. If you’re an experienced RC Pilot it is just as handy as you can try out new Horizon Hobby models before you buy, or, practice new manoeuvres before you head down to the field.

With over 300 airplanes, helicopters, drones and others to fly at more than 75 unique flying sites and the ability to add and edit aircraft and flying sites you have countless flying options available to you with RealFlight Evolution. If you are an absolute beginner you can utilise the Virtual Flight Instructor lessons in order to hone your basic flying skills before you hit the skies at the field. If you’re an experienced flyer you can compete with other pilots online with multiplayer options, and take advantage of the wide compatibility with VR headsets plus many more features. Before you even step out onto the field you can teach yourself everything you need to succeed from the comfort of your desktop PC or your laptop!

One of the best new features of RealFlight Evolution is that you get access to new models and fields that will start being released quarterly from early 2023. You can choose specific items from the menu in money-saving content packs, or, you can go for a yearly season pass and get as many new fields and models as you can handle. Getting access to all this new content on an ongoing basis is the result of RealFlight Evolution being delivered to you exclusively via Steam – the largest digital distribution platform in the world for PC games and simulators. Eliminating the need for DVDs and compatible drives for installation Steam also provides automatic and seamless software updates, and, allows installation of RealFlight Evolution on multiple PC’s using the Steam Client and your account (for when friends come over). There’s no need to keep the serial number stored in a safe place and you’ll find it’s simple to add RealFlight Evolution to additional PCs should you choose to upgrade in future.

You can run RealFlight Evolution on a number of different PC from your old laptop right through to state-of-the-art gaming desktops running Windows 8, 10 or 11. You can get RealFlight Evolution in a software version only, or, with the Spektrum InterLink DX Simulator Controller, you can connect to your PC via a USB port for simple plug-and-play. The controller is modelled after your favourite Spektrum transmitters and you’ll find all the standard functions and switch locations are pretty much in the same spots. If you want to use your own radio you can connect it using the Spektrum WS2000 USB Dongle (SPMWS2000 – sold separately) which will enable you to use a compatible 2.4GHz Spektrum transmitter wirelessly. With a direct USB connection, you can also use Spektrum NX6, NX8, NX10 and other transmitters.

RealFlight Evolution includes some of the newest and most popular aircraft* from E-flite, HobbyZone, Hangar 9 and Blade:

  • E-flite UMX Timber X with AS3X® and SAFE® Select Technologies
  • E-flite UMX Ultrix with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite UMX Radian with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite Night Radian 2.0m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.2m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite Habu SS (Super Sport) 50mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite Habu SS (Super Sport) 70mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite F-16 Falcon 80mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • E-flite Viper 90mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
  • HobbyZone Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m with SAFE Technology
  • Hangar 9 Fun Scale PT-19 56.5” EP
  • Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 60” EP
  • Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 60” 10cc
  • Blade 150 S Helicopter with AS3X and SAFE Technologies
  • Blade InFusion 180 Helicopter with AS3X and SAFE Technologies
  • Blade Fusion 480 (550) Stretch Helicopter

*Please be sure to update RF Evolution online via Steam to receive the latest versions of all aircraft.

If you purchased RealFlight 9.5S at any time you will receive a free copy of RealFlight Evolution! Internet connectivity is required to download the software via Steam from your “GAMES” library after RF Evolution is released on October 27th, 2022.

Or, if you purchased RealFlight 9 or 9.5 at any time you can exchange the serial number for a Steam key to update to 9.5S at no charge! Internet connectivity is required to complete the exchange using this link: keyexchange.realflight.com


What you need

  • Compatible PC laptop or desktop with Windows® 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Internet connection to download the Steam® Client and RealFlight Evolution software
  • Spektrum InterLink DX Simulator Controller, a Spektrum wireless simulator dongle plus a compatible DSM2/DSMX equipped transmitter, a RealFlight compatible controller, or other compatible Gamepad/Joystick

Not compatible with Apple products

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